Library and Reading Room

St. Robert’s School believes that if a boy reads only his textbooks he will be only half educated. A boy who does not learn to read during his school years will not have the habit of reading and will not continue to develop his mind after he has left school. To help all students develop a taste for good reading, a well equipped and attractive reading room is provided. The students are encouraged to use it before class and during lunch break.

•    All boys from classes VIII to XII must read at least three English library books a year.
•    Library books may be borrowed when the Librarian calls the boys.
•    Each boy may borrow only one book at a time.
•    Books may be kept for two weeks.
•    Boys should carefully check each book before taking it from the library. He should inform the librarian if any      pages are missing or disfigured. If the books are disfigured, pages removed etc. the last boy to take out the      book will be held responsible.
•    A fine must be paid if a book is lost, dirtied or torn.
•    All books must be returned and fines, if any, must be paid before the Second Term examination.

Reading Room

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